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Hip Hop is more than gansta rap

Spoken word artists you may or may not know about
Saul Willaims_1972
Saul Williams on DemocracyNow
Amethyst Rock Star2001
Allen Ginsberg_1926-1997Howl1956
Suli Breaks_1988Why I hate school but love education2012
Gil Scott-Heron_1949-2011Pieces of a Man1970
Buddy Wakefield_1974Run on Anything2006
Johathan Emile_1986Edge of The World ft. Murs2015
Jesse Williams_1981BET Humanitarian Award Acceptance Speech2016
Jack Kerouac_1922-1969Bowery Blues1959
Toni Blackman_1968I Rhyme Like a Girl2006
Toni Blackman_2016Travels of a Lyrical Ambassador2016